The new 3kStatic album Deform Over Dysfunction is now available at all major digital music retailers, including iTunes.

Featuring 10 brand-new tracks, Deform Over Dysfunction sees the 3kStatic project head into its 20th year, and is highlighted by a four-track conceptual segue including ‘Delta Lima’, ‘Zero Equals Two’, ‘Where Are They Hiding’ and ‘Minutes To Go’.

The physical companion disc is also available now, and includes additional audio material.


The forthcoming 3kStatic album Deform Over Dysfunction will be available on all major digital music retailers and on physical format from 11 August 2017, and is now available to listen and share on Soundcloud.


DPR-911The forthcoming 3kStatic album Deform Over Dysfunction will be available to preview and share on SoundCloud from 25 July.

The album (DPR-911) will be released August 11, 2017 on all digital music retailers, and will also be available as a companion physical component.

The physical component ($9.99) is available separately from 11 August 2017, and also includes exclusive audio material.

With a one-hour run-time, Deform Over Dysfunction includes ten new tracks, with ‘Open Resistance’ clocking in at 11:05

The full track list:

International Situation (Intro) 1:58
Delta Lima 3:27
Zero Equals Two 5:41
Where Are They Hiding? 4:53
Minutes To Go 4:52
World Service 2:05
Distant Mirrors 5:30
Open Resistance 11:05
Searchlight (Transmitting Words In Code) 5:21
Polytone Station 0:44
The Appearance Of Dada In The Clouds Of Heaven 7:09
Cake And Cherries 3:50
The Symbol (1912) 4:33

Fusing elements of world music, tech house, deep house, DPR-911 INSERTcomplextro, IDM and retro techno with obvious proto-industrial undertones, Deform Over Dysfunction will take the 3kStatic project into its 20th year.

After a run of releases on major tech house and deep house compilations in 2016-17, Deform Over Dysfunction touches close to a more accessible sound, while never getting too close, and shortwave radio, political themes, rough cuts and cultural mash-ups continue to be the order of the day.


It’s expected that tracks from Deform Over Dysfunction, Active Measures (2016) and The New Truth (2015) will be featured on a curated retrospective also including new tracks in early 2018.