DPR-911The forthcoming 3kStatic album Deform Over Dysfunction will be available to preview and share on SoundCloud from 25 July.

The album (DPR-911) will be released August 11, 2017 on all digital music retailers, and will also be available as a companion physical component.

The physical component ($9.99) is available separately from 11 August 2017, and also includes exclusive audio material.

With a one-hour run-time, Deform Over Dysfunction includes ten new tracks, with ‘Open Resistance’ clocking in at 11:05

The full track list:

International Situation (Intro) 1:58
Delta Lima 3:27
Zero Equals Two 5:41
Where Are They Hiding? 4:53
Minutes To Go 4:52
World Service 2:05
Distant Mirrors 5:30
Open Resistance 11:05
Searchlight (Transmitting Words In Code) 5:21
Polytone Station 0:44
The Appearance Of Dada In The Clouds Of Heaven 7:09
Cake And Cherries 3:50
The Symbol (1912) 4:33

Fusing elements of world music, tech house, deep house, DPR-911 INSERTcomplextro, IDM and retro techno with obvious proto-industrial undertones, Deform Over Dysfunction will take the 3kStatic project into its 20th year.

After a run of releases on major tech house and deep house compilations in 2016-17, Deform Over Dysfunction touches close to a more accessible sound, while never getting too close, and shortwave radio, political themes, rough cuts and cultural mash-ups continue to be the order of the day.


It’s expected that tracks from Deform Over Dysfunction, Active Measures (2016) and The New Truth (2015) will be featured on a curated retrospective also including new tracks in early 2018.

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